Our Thermal Suite Experience will take you on an indulgent journey, to cleanse the body and soothe the mind.

Steam Room
Changing Rooms
Relaxation Area
Vitality Pool


A traditional wood lined sauna with extreme temperatures to stimulate the circulation and boost the immune system.

Treatment Rooms

Mood lighting, state of the art treatment beds, combination of colour and walnut, shower facilities. The Treatment rooms at Lochside form an integral part of the experience allowing you to forget and enjoy.

Vitality Pool

Relax in the Vitality Pool as the powerful flow of the swan neck fountain melt tension on the shoulders and neck. Contoured air loungers are gently heated to relax and re-energise.

Steam Room

Combining the effects of warm steam and aromatic essential oils to decongest, clear the mind and purify the body.


Unwind as your body begins to fully relax.

Changing Facilities

Our changing facilities offer stylish surroundings to help you relax and unwind after your Thermal Suite experience. Complimentary lockers and amenities are provided for your comfort.