Lochside Hotel, Lodges and Spa
Lochside Hotel, Lodges and Spa

Lodges at Lochside House Hotel and Spa

Lodges at Lochside House Hotel and Spa Terms and Conditions

Please note that "we", "us" and "ourselves" refer to Rad Ltd, The RAD Group, The RAD Hotel Group.
On confirmation of your event with The RAD Hotel Group you accept our Terms and Conditions as detailed below. We do not require a signed contract for this to be valid.

1.1 A 25% deposit of the lodge booking price is required at the time of booking, this deposit is non-refundable

1.2 Full payment can also be taken at this stage

1.3 The final balance payment is due 28 days prior to arrival

1.4 Documents regarding your booking are sent via email and we cannot be held responsible if you do not receive these items unless it is from our negligence.

1.5 Please check all information is correct and up to date including arrival and departure dates and notify us within 7 days of dated communications should there be any error.

1.6 It is your responsibility to pay all payments on time and failure to do so could result in cancellation of your lodge and your deposit retained.

2.1 If you cancel your reservation at any time, the 25% deposit will be retained as it is non-refundable.

2.2 If you cancel your reservation within the 28 days prior to arrival, the full payment is still due. This will be refunded to you only if the lodge is resold at your booking price.

2.3 Lodge cancellations must always be sent by the lead name by email to reception@lochside-hotel.com or registered post, cancellation by standard mail or phone calls cannot be accepted.

3.1 Towels are provided within the lodge for arrival (extra towels can be provided at an additional charge)

3.2 Complimentary use of lodge Hydro Pools (Birchwood Lodge Swim Spa)

3.3 Complimentary use of the Spa at Lochside Thermas Suite, including Vitality Pool; Sauna and Steam Room between 7pm and 9pm in the evening and 7am and 9am in the morning. It is advised that guests having treatments use the Thermal suite on hour prior to treatment time.

3.4 The Lodge includes, cooker, microwave, toaster, kettle, crockery, fridge and freezer.

3.5 The Lodge provides a Welcome Pack of tea, coffee and sugar and cleaning products.

4.1 Lochside Lodges are self-catering therefore no meals are included.

4.2 Lodges are serviced daily. If the Lodge has been booked for a minimum of 7 nights the rooms would be serviced mid stay by the Housekeeping Department as required.

4.3 The lodge price excludes the cost of any beverages provided in the wine fridge/Lodge. Wine consumed will be charged to your room account and invoiced on departure.

5.1 Breakfast in the Afton Restaurant can be added at an additional £10.00 per person.

5.2 Meals can be booked via Reservations for the Afton Restaurant

5.3 Use of the Thermal Suite out with the stated comlimentary times can be pre-booked at an additional £10 per person, per hour.

5.4 ESPA Treatments at The Spa at Lochside can be booked via Reservations.

5.5 Treatments can be booked to be carried out within the Birchwood Lodge, which has its own treatment room.

5.6 Hamper Packages available, please contact Reception for more information.

6.1 The number of people occupying the Lodge must be confirmed at time of booking. Any changes must be confirmed with us in advance of arrival. Any additional persons found occupying the Lodge during any groups stay will be charged accordingly.

7.0 PETS
7.1 We do accept dogs into the Lochside Lodges at an additional £15 per dog.

7.2 Pets are not permitted in the public area of Lochside Hotel,

7.3 We ask that owners take responsibility for their pets, as any damage caused by pets will be charged accordingly in order to rectify any damage.

8.1 Lodges are available to check into from 3pm onwards however if you do arrive earlier than check in, you are welcome to use the other facilities within the hotel including the Afton Restaurant and Spa.

8.2 We will endeavour to have your Hydro Pool/Swim Spa (Birchwood only) temperature ready for check in however it may not have reached required temperature by this point.

8.3 Check out from the Lodges is 11am on the day of departure.

9.1 Lodges out with the Birchwood Lodge (Oakwood; Cedarwood and Pinewood) are allocated on arrival and are all of the same standard layout.

10.1 The lead guest is required to check in at reception on arrival at the hotel.

10.2 A £250 'Housekeeping Deposit' is required at this stage and is a pending payment that will be refunded on departure providing there is no damage to the Lodge or any of its amenities. Depending on your credit card company's policy this refund can take 2 to 5 days. Debit cards may take up to 14 days.

10.3 We would appreciate if you leave the Lodge in the same condition as found on check in.

10.4 If there is any damage or requirement for deep cleaning, the cost will be retained from the Housekeeping Deposit taken.

10.5 In the rare occurrence the cost of damage exceeds the £250 Housekeeping Deposit, the full cost will be taken from the card provided on booking.

10.6 By confirmation of your event, you are agreeing to this procedure,

11.1 The lead Guest is responsible for the behaviour of all memebers of the group.

11.2 Any excessive noise or offensive, aggressive and illegal behaviour will not be tolerated and members or the party may be asked to leave the premises with police being called to deal with out of control situations.

11.3 We will not tolerate behaviour that impacts on the safety or enjoyment of others.

11.4 To comply with our Health and Safety polocies, Customers are expressly forbidden from utilizing disposable or portable barbecues anywhere in the Hotel, Lodges or surrounding areas. They are a fire risk, a nuisance to other customers and cause damage to property. Please think of the safety and comfort of other customers in this regard.

11.5 If there is less than 8 people booked to stay the bedroom access will be reduced accordingly.

11.6 PA systems and DJ set us are expressly forbidden as they produce excessive noise which can be distruptive to other guests late at night and throughout the durations of their stay. If there are noise complaints due to excessive music, noise or misbehaviour then you will be liable for any related costs, including the price of refunds or likewise to other guests.

12.1 The Lead Guest must be 21 years of age or above and are as above responsible for their party.

12.2 There must be a ratio of one adult to two children in the party within the Lodge to safely supervise the children in the Lodge, it's amenities and any public areas of the hotel and its grounds.

12.3 Children should not use the Hydro Pool/ Swim Spa* without supervision of a competent adult.

13.1 Instructions are provided for use of the Hot tubs and Hydro pools in order to give you the best experience.

13.2 If instructions are not followed, resulting in damage or extra cleaning a cost will be incurred for the group.

13.3 Under no circumstances should food or alcohol be consumed within the Hot tubs and Hydro pool

13.4 Charges will also incur if any evidence of alcohol, food, spray or instant tans residue are found to contaminate the Hot tub and Hydro pools.

13.5 At Lochside House Hotel, Lodges and Spa, your guest experience, health and safety is our priority. For that reason and for the consideration of all of our guests, we require all Swim Spa and Hot Tub facilities to be vacated by 10.30pm for our maintenance staff to securely lock for 11pm. Additionally, our Swim Spa and Hot Tubs operate on a filter and jet system that does cause noise when turned on, as well as any noise caused by persons using the facilities, and could be disruptive to other guests late at night.

13.6 Glass bottles or any kind of glass are not permitted in or around the Hot tub and Hydro pool, again if glass is found we would have to assume there is a risk of glass in the pool and monies would be deducted from the Security Deposit for essential maintenance in cleaning the Hot tubs and Hydro Pool.

14.1 In the event of weather deemed unsuitable for Guests utilizing outdoor equipment, RAD Ltd reserve the right to assert, at our discretion, access to outdoor equipment including Hot tubs and Hydro Pools prohibited.

14.2 RAD Ltd will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performances of, any of our obligations under this contract that is caused by an event outside our control, including bad weather.

15.1 Smoking is not permitted within the Lodge or upstairs balcony area of the Lodge.

15.2 If signs of smoking are detected within the Lodge a fee of £150 will be deducted from the Housekeeping Deposit.

16.1 Lochside House Hotel and Spa is continually improving our facilities. We will do our upmost to keep any disruption to a minimum nevertheless no compensation or refunds in relation to any development works can be altered.

17.1 There are car parking spaces provided at the front of the Lodges as well as an overflow car park available for additional vehicles.

18.1 We cannot accept responsibility or be responsible for compensation in a situation that cannot be avoided, foreseen or is in any way out of our control. The event may include any kind of destruction or damage through fire, flood, explosion, storm, weather damage, break in, criminal damage, riots or civil strife, industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather, war or threat, actual or threatened terrorist activity, epidemic and any similar situation beyond the owners control.

19.1 Departure is at 11.00am but you are more than welcome to use the Afton Restaurant or book treatments at any time on day of departure.

19.2 Lodge keys must be returned to Reception on departure, £25.00 will be charged for each if any lost keys.

20.1 Please ensure you check the Lodge for any items that may have been left behind. We will attempt to contact you on departure to arrange to return any lost property at a £6 standard fee.

20.2 Any unclaimed lost property will be held for three months before being disposed, any valuable items will be taken to the local police station.