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5 Things Every Engaged Couple Needs to do Before They Start Planning Their Wedding

  1. First and foremost, enjoy your engagement!

Chances are that before you even get to think about anything, everyone around you will be firing questions your way like “when, where and how are you getting married?” Try your best to avoid any unnecessary stress and don’t make any hasty decisions or promise invites to anyone straight away. Take the time to relax and enjoy this exciting time with your new fiancée, revel in the well wishes of your friends and family and flaunt your relationship status at any chance you get!

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  1. Gather inspo!

There is no better way to continue the excitement of your engagement than to do your research. Pinterest will become your new best friend and your Instagram feed will be filled with all things wedding. Save all your favourite ideas and start building an image of your very own dream wedding!

  1. Take care of the bling!

We get it, as soon as you take that ring off your hand is going to feel so bare! However, we urge you to book in for a resize to ensure the perfect fit. This will give you peace of mind knowing your ring fits comfortably and has increased security. To add to that, it is so important you also insure your rings. We all know accidents happen and insurance makes sure you are covered should the worst happen.

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  1. Communication is key

Before you go full steam ahead with making any solid decisions, make sure you and your partner understand each other’s aspirations for the wedding. It’s always good to begin with a lighthearted discussion and to find out even the smallest of details that each of you would love to be included, these will be what make your day special. Make sure you keep this communication up throughout the whole process and specifically before making any big decisions or purchases.

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  1. The countdown is on

Before you start getting into the fun things like dresses, flowers and viewing venues it’s time to discuss the basics like when you want the nuptials to take place. This year, next year or do you need 5 years to get it just right? There is so much to consider when thinking about when you want the big day to take place such as finances, weather, and key guest commitments. Getting a time frame in mind is key before going further with your planning as most of your choices will differ depending on the time of year your big day will take place.

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We wish you all the best with your wedding planning journey and don’t forget you can contact us today at any of our RAD venues to book your wedding showround with our dedicated wedding teams.