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Why Wedding Coordinators are so Important

Here at Lochside as well as at each of our other 4 wedding venues, we have highly experienced and dedicated wedding coordinators on hand to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible. Each of our wedding couples will be assigned a personal wedding coordinator who they will work closely with throughout the process. You will be lucky enough to have your coordinator on hand during your big day and the peace of mind you will feel as a result is simply priceless. We have rounded up some key reasons why our coordinators will make your wedding planning journey at Lochside amazing…

It Will Take the Pressure Off Your Wedding Party

Your bridesmaid’s, family and friends will undoubtably want to help during your planning process and on the big day. However, you want this to be a magical experience for them the same as it is for you and this means minimising stress as much as possible. Our dedicated wedding coordinators are there to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day and therefore your wedding party can focus on toasting to your new marriage (and maybe keeping your hair fixed and lipstick topped up).


You will have a go to person

Our wedding coordinators have seen it all which makes them hyper aware of everything when it comes to your big day. Our coordinators solve problems before they even happen and if you make it through your big day without hearing about any slip ups with your guests your other vendors or your wedding party, chances are it’s because your coordinator has dealt with it so promptly that you never even had to know about it. You will be able to rely on your coordinator to ensure your day runs seamlessly and if you have any worries on the day they will be there to help.


They Will Give You Educated Advice

Where’s has the best lighting for photos? What if something goes wrong? Where should I set up my top table? Your wedding coordinator knows exactly what works best within the venue therefore you can trust that the advice they are giving you is worth listening to. You can go to them with anything and trust us they will know how to help because they’ve seen it all before. Never hesitate to get in touch with our wedding coordinators at any point during your wedding journey and they will always be happy to help.


You Will Have Someone to Think About the Logistics

Your wedding coordinator will take care of the overall operational running of your wedding on the day. You will discuss the order of the day with your coordinator, and they will make sure this goes to plan on the big day. You will have a run through with them beforehand where you can share any worries you might have, and they will make sure to be weary of this on the day. Your coordinator will also liaise with your vendors on the day, showing them where to set up and making sure everything is as it should be so rest assured you don’t need to worry about anything other than saying ‘I Do!’.

Overall, your Wedding Coordinator will be one of the main things that puts your mind at ease throughout your planning process and on the day of your wedding. We can’t wait for you to meet our team, to book your free wedding showround with one of these superstars contact us today and we will get you booked in.